Gas Distribution Station with 4 Senators to the Middle East

2 Mega Watt high efficient gas fired heating system in one 20 foot sea-container. The four Senator boilers will assure that the Gas Distribution Station will remain operational without freezing.

In spite of high temperatures in the Middle East, the risk of freezing, caused by gas pressure reduction, remains. The reduction process make the gas pipe temperature drop below zero easily. Therefore heating is required; even at temperatures around 20°C!

The Senator boilers cooperate as one system. Thanks to a modulation range of 8:1 for each boiler,  supply and demand are adjusted to one another perfectly.

Each Senator has an output up to 576 kW on a floor surface that is less than 1 square meter. This makes it a compact stayer which, thanks to the stainless steel heat exchanger, the double burner and burner control, is an outstanding solution for those projects in which reliability has the highest priority.


Nominal output 50/30°C                                  2.304 kW
Efficiency 40/30°C DIN 4702-8                       max. 109,5 %
Gas consumption G20                                    28,8 – 232,8 m3/h
Heat exchanger                                               Stainless steel
Modulation                                                       8:1